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The nulon foam cleaner works as follows... You put a bit on the throttle plate and wipe it with a clean rag, you put about half the content into the vacuum hose while revving the engine and lastly you take out the spark plugs and squirt some into the slots, crank the engine a couple of times wait for it to dry a put new sparks in. It comes in a spray can of 150ml... Anyway I had a go at it already and so far the car still running hahahaha. The Mat sensor didn't look like any other sensor that I've seen, I pulled out of the air box and sprayed the little wire on top of it, however I was looking for the two wires that run across some sensors, I hope I did the right thing. I didn't go any where near black box on top coz I didn't want break the seal and I don't know what's in it. Changed all filters and oil and it seems to be more responsive. I need a mate to drive behind me to check if still blowing black smoke when I accelerate but when testing it against my white garage wall it didn't leave any spots on the wall, wife is happy. By the way nulon is a highly regarded product in Australia that's why I used it but I agree it does look scary put anything into your engine, never again for me I think. Thanks for you help
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