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Darrelljr00. Good that you got it working. Here's the thing with my setup. The cassette accepts the tape and you can here it run it switches channels and ejects the cassette, the radio goes to the station that i want but neither of them play. If my radio was broken the cassette should still play. The cd cartridge was stuck in the player and i had to pry it out, so that's probably no good. When i hold the weather button down with the key onto accessory, it first tells me the s/n for the radio then it says "no station" this is what the manual says to do to test the radio. Keep in mind sometines the radio will play. If i turn on the lights,hit the brake or hit a bump it stops. There are the diversity module, antenna amp, fm amp, and the amp, radio reciever that could be the problem. I don't know if the dealer can just plug in a scanner and it tells them what is wrong. I wonder if there is a compatable aftermarket unit that plugs into the system and keeps the steering wheel cantrols??does anyone know? I looked at the oem parts price list for this stuff and man it's really expensive. I'm hoping for a aftermarket that's compatable with what i have.
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