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Originally Posted by Teacher Blind View Post
My 2006 3.0si has an inspection coming in 800 miles according to the instrument panel indicator. That's fine. What should I expect? What will be inspected and how much is the inspection likely to cost? Anyone have any experience with this they would care to share?

Also, since there is no dipstick and the only way to check the oil is to rely on the instrument display, which says the oil is O.K., should I be worried that I have gone 7000 miles and there is nothing saying that the oil should be changed? The owners manual says that the computer will tell me when to change the oil based on previous driving conditions and habits. I'm really not O.K. with that. I'm thinking 5000 miles and change it. This car is driven tenderly. It may be 10000 miles before the computer finally wakes up.
This is my first Bimmer and I don't want to mess it up.

Thanks for any input.
I assume you're talking about Inspection II since most folks seem to get Inspection I done under warrantee. My '07 si hit Inspection I at 40K miles and Inspection II at 100K.
Even though it's not as involved as on the M's Inspection II involves lots of little maintenance tasks (replace tranny and diff oil, new plugs and 02 sensor, flush coolant, etc...) There's a list of all the required tasks floating around somewhere on this site if you search.

As far as oil changes are concerned - don't believe the BMW recommended interval counter. If I were to go based on what the instrument panel recommends I'd do oil changes every 20K miles. Instead I've been putting in Mobil 1 0W40 every 7500 miles since the car was new. Some will say even that is too long and go with 5000 mi or less. The lack of dipstick on the si annoyed me at first, but I've gotten used to it. It helps that the oil level has never dropped more than about 1/2 quart over 7500 miles in the 100+K miles I've owned it.
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