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Hopped in my car and brakes went to the floor

CRAP....what's going on.

A few weeks back ABS locked up the brakes and I had to wait around 10 minutes and restart the car just to get it to move. Luckily i was right around the corner from my house. They locked up a second time in the driveway so i just hammered the gas to get it up the hill and in the garage. Very strong brake smell but brakes felt normal afterwards. Next day all was well and I thought nothing of it. Drove it maybe 2 times since then pedal pressure at all. Can't even pump them and get decent pressure.

Brake fluid probably needs to be changed.
Reservoir is full right where it needs to be.
No puddles of fluid on the garage floor either.
No leaks at the Vaccuum pump which was changed a little over a year ago along with the booster.
Pads at all corners are still nice and thick

Sooo.....what you guys think it is?????

I think the heat on the fluid from when I had to hammer it to get it back in the garage slowly has taken effect and the fluid is just toast now.

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