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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
The price point is a bit of an exaggeration. Realistically they're closer to 25% more expensive (ie. $75K vs $95K....up here at least).

Steering weight is something that is definitely lighter in the Porsches, but that doesn't mean that it's similar to the F10 or inferior. Better comparison to the light steering dynamic is the Panamera or new 911. Yes, it's lighter but it is so responsive and accurate that it is far superior to the F10 set up.

This is one of the consistent BMW fallacy's. Heavy steering = better steering. It does not. BMW's mistake was lightening the steering in the F10 and not being able to keep it as accurate as the previous generations. Drive a Panamera for comparison. No issue at all with the "light" steering being incredibly precise and accurate for a larger car.
If heavier steering is better is partly subjective and partly objective. Personally I prefer it to be heavier where it requires more of a determined effort to change direction and it feels more natural. No power steering is the most natural and I'm old enough to remember it. Objectively a heavier steering has a larger dynamic range and can be made to better communicate grip. Think of the difference between the wheels in the air ( no resistance ) and the wheels standing still on dry Tarmac, the bigger the range in steering resistance the better the steering can be made to communicate grip in between.

The Cayenne's steering is very similar to the Panny which I've driven. They are both very good but the X5s is better IMO. The F10s is sh*t. I really disliked it in mine. Light steering is coming everywhere and in some cars it's good but it doesn't mean everyone prefers it. It might even be faster on a track since it induces less fatigue and can possibly also help with faster reactions. I do realize though that it belongs in the purist section and that it will soon be part of history and in a very limited set of enthusiast vehicles. It's going the way of passive sports suspension and NA performance engines.

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