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Few things...

First one is people who ride your ass, especially when you're going 5 over already. Especially true in the city or a road where cops sit like crazy. I usually step on the brake just a bit so the tail lights go on, and if that doesnt work i give a little puff of black smoke to give the "back off" message. If that doesnt work, they become engulfed in black smoke. Usually they back off then. If not, the smoking continues at my pleasure

Second, when people cut me off. I DD a 7k pound dually truck, with no ABS. While it stops good, it is not a BMW by any means. Cut me off and your ass is grass, for the simple fact that I cannot stop in time. Once I had a 21' trailer behind me, total weight around 10k, and out of nowhere an old man cuts out of the lane he was in (it was stopped from being backed up) to my lane which was moving. I locked up all 6 wheels and the wheels on one axle of the trailer. Keep in mind there are people on my left and right side, and the guy who cut me off is clueless to what was going on

Third, people who have no respect for truck/trailer combos. Ya know, cause when you strap 10k behind you, you dont lose ANY acceleration, and your braking distance doesnt increase at all. Its only 10k pounds. Almost turned a Civic hatch into a pancake once when he cut me off on the freeway, him going 40 me going 65 with a fully loaded 24' enclosed. And people who dont realize turns become wide when you add that much length to your vehicle. Or people who drift into your lane in a multi-lane turn while you're making said wide turn. Or.... i could do this all day, unfortunately....
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