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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
To be fair I bought the 550 after comparing it to the Alpina B7x and the Porsche Panamera Turbo, so I was looking for a bit more than the typical 550 buyer. The stock 550 is very capable, but the key issue is the quietness of the car is misperceived as having a lack of performance.
I would agree, many here think that.

However, that's not the issue with mine. The issue with mine is:

* Wandering steering - when on the highway, constant small corrections are required to keep the car moving straight. The car never feels settled. It feels nervous, and not in a good way. It is tiring.

* Take off hesitation / jerk. The car is impossible to pull away from a stop smoothly. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's like being rear-ended. Very aggravating. Also...

* Low speed roll on thump. When rolling through a right turn or perhaps a speed bump in the parking lot, larger applications of throttle following the almost stop results in a jerky downshift to first followed by wild RPM revving.

* Lack of predictable response to the throttle while underway. The latest software has helped this somewhat, however it still feels a bit lazy, like it is very reluctant to downshift. The engine is responsive, however the car sometimes just wants to stay in fuel saver mode.

* Uneven braking when slowing to a stop. Feels like the alternator cutting in and out or perhaps the transmission, makes it very difficult to smoothly pull to a stop.

All in all, small niggles that are very frustrating to an otherwise wonderful car. Now, I think my car is worse than most. I've driven later 2011's and 2012's that don't have the same issues. But overall the car does feel a bit sluggish and slow to react. By comparison, my MDX, which is nowhere near as civilized, but weighs 600 lbs more and has a higher center of gravity, is smoother to drive and feels more taught and composed.

Ponder that, unfortunately.
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