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Originally Posted by Missmodena310 View Post
I picked him up and drug him so he could turn over he was on his face, yep with hands got it in place. So far not sure hoping no lcl tear, but ortho has him in a big metal brace, he's not happy all he wants to do is go back to work. As a visual look at your leg while sitting down and legs extended out now imagine your patella almost to the back of your knee and the size of a softball while protruding strangely at the same time.
All I got is a visual right from your first post! Why do you think I am freaking out??? ... The moment I read it I looked at my knee imagining how it looks and what I would be like if it happened to me, and felt so bad for your man. That's why I'm asking you so many questions. I'll stop with the questions now, just give us an update after the surgery.
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