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Originally Posted by cmpcpro View Post
That loud noise I am hearing coming directly from my cooling pipe area that SFBay said was 200% my alternator is NOT my alternator I will give you benefit of the doubt because you heard it on a movie, but I believe it's my coolant pipe.. I think the pipe is leaking down into the valley pan from a very small leak, and when the car is cold that noise is the vacuum sucking all the coolant back up.. The reason I say this is this: If I start the car cold and run it for only 5 minutes, and turn it off, it does the noise all over again if I start it 10 minutes later.. for the same exact amount of time. Also if I give the car gas while its happening the sound makes no change.. so if it was the alt, I would think the noise would change by RPM.. if I run the car up to a certain temp, which I don't know the exact temp the car will not make the noise until it's cold again, unless I drain the coolant, in which case it makes the noise everytime. The only thing that throws me off is this started happening instantly after I drained my coolant for the first time.. I really think if we can figure this out, this may be the key to the problem.. Is this a sign that there is still air in the motor? A leak in the coolant pipe? It sounds like a gurgling type noise.. I don't see anything else in that area that could make that noise?
Well not going to argue, but you do have coolant pipe or valley pan problem, but there is no way it makes metal noise. You can start the car without alt belt, but in this case you'll say wp isn't working so.....
Do the pipe first and then let's talk). My mechanic charges me 200$ to remove the damn engine with tranny down!! So if I remove that mfker I can easily install oem 60$ pipe!!!! Also will take care of that alt gasket. Also rear plate is there easy to remove. Hmmm may be I'll do it this way.
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