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Let me give you guys a different perspective:

I've driven an A7, and marveled in how well it drove "Like a Go Cart", etc. Motor feels insanely strong, etc. etc. Unfortunately, those (IMO ugly) looks are a blatant turn off and the frontal headroom is minimal so it was immediately out of consideration as my "next car".

I came from an M-B, and although I haven't driven the A6, I know based on researching Tests between the 535i and A6 (and driving the A7), the 535i feels vastly more solid (which is quite a feat because I found the Audi VERY tight, yet this isn't a knock against the Audi as much as it is a plug for the F10 chassis), much quieter, much more luxurious, more coddling and isolated, not to mention much more attractive as the A6 looks a little mundane to me and I've never found the "Audi look" particularly sexy. Now, knowing that would drive many BMW purists straight to the other end of the spectrum, *I* was the target audience for the F10.

Motor Trend said "But whether this $63,245 Alpine White 535i with an M Sport Package stumbled into second place is moot. At the end of an arduous weeklong test, we scored it higher than the Audi, and here's why: better ride (silkiest of the group), quieter interior (quietest of the group), smoother engine (smoothest of the group), engaging steering, more comfortable and supportive seats, and an overwhelming sense of solidity. Whereas the A6 tried really, really hard to feel like a $60,000 automobile, the BMW didn't even break a sweat.
Much of the 5's air of expensiveness comes from its 7 Series' underpinnings, which, alas, make the 535i feel like its bigger and heavier sibling. It is no longer an upsized 3, but rather a downsized 7. While we prefer the former, there is a plus side to the latter. Says Evans: "The embodiment of what I think of when I think German. Very solid, substantial. Buttoned-down and refined, no-nonsense." From Lieberman: "All that solidity equates to one hell of a nice, smooth ride. 80 mph feels more like 40 mph, and 90 mph feels like a totally responsible, safe cruising speed."
Read more:

I wanted something more lively than my E-Class, yet I didn't want to sacrifice ONE BIT in luxury/refinement. The 5er answered my calls in that respect. Not only does it top even the E-Class in smoothness, isolation, comfort and pure refinement, but for someone like me, it feels downright "racy", and that's not an exaggeration (I came from a 2011 E350).

I've been an M-B purist for enough time in my pretty young life to still think a LUXURY SEDAN first and foremost should be non-sacrificing in LUXURY, comfort and refinement. However, lately I wanted something more lively and sporty. The A6 is too far on the other end of the spectrum, I find some interior materials/design are too basic and/or "cheap-ish" and aren't on par or as "coddling" as the F10's (no stitching in key areas where the BMW and M-B do have is a big turnoff), and I although having not driven it, was turned off by constant Reviewer tests saying that it's "louder in cabin", "not as solid feeling", "more tinny/flimsy", than the 5er, which made it a no go considering I already preferred the F10 styling both inside and out by a good margin, and wanted to get back to my "roots" with the BMW brand and 5-Series.

Put it this way, I didn't want the E60 for the same reasons I didn't consider the A6, as there were other options in the market I found more to my liking from what I want out of a 4-Door Luxury Car, not to mention more attractive alternatives. However, this time around I wanted more of a balance, and IMO what the F10 brings to the table is a drastic attempt by BMW to do "everything all at once". Some people will hate that because they prefer an extreme, but to someone like me, it makes this car literally the best thing on 4-wheels I could have asked for. I ADORED my W212 E-Class, and I still love that body-style (pre-facelift), but the F10 did what I think BMW intended it to do: Made ME go "WOW".

Carry on.
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