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Originally Posted by cmpcpro View Post
Hey SF, I don't think it's a metal noise.. it may sound like it online but it sounds like a vacuum gurgling noise.. like the noise when you go to the dentist.. Also, Paper's friend has a coolant pipe issue and his car makes the same noise.. so I am thinking maybe this could be a symptom if it's bad in one particular way.. However I must say I have not heard the other guys car, so I am not 100% sure it's the same noise at all.

At $200 I would remove the motor and do the back plate, but I have to say, even with motor removed I would install the AGA pipe, I think it's a better design and with a viton seal, I think it will last for good.
Don't forget oem pipe lasts 5-7 yrs and that front seal is glued to the pipe vs aga and other agas. With 95C tstat that oem pipe will outlast engine easy. This video shows proper and cheapest way how to do it right.

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