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Originally Posted by boramkiv View Post
I went to the Hampton Roads International Auto Show today and decided to check out the ATS. It wasn't a real looker. I think they had the base model on the floor for display. The thing is there were so many elderly people surrounding the car that I could barely get a chance to sit in the thing. Cadillac has a reputation that will take decades to turn around. You can even see a walker the lady was using to get around in the photo. This is a sporty Cadillac, not sure if it would be driven that way.
Love it.

"Look Laverne, it's an inexpensive Cadillac! I think on our fixed income we can afford the $299 a month. I'm getting that HurryCane I saw on TV. It folds down so it'll fit in the trunk. Let's go to the all-you-can-eat early bird at Mabel's, soak our dentures, and talk it over."


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