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Originally Posted by alex_c View Post
Here's my point of view: I had a 2011 535, Sport, and pretty much fully loaded. I loved how the car looked, I bought it before doing a test drive because I bought one of the first ones ever produced. Custom ordered. And as much as I wanted to love the car, I didn't. There were many things that I didn't like, for example, as Needsdecaf said, it was always wallowing all over the road, had a tendency to veer to the right and it felt floaty. I was very disappointed. On top of that, the bluetooth was horrible (I spend nearly 2 hours on the car a day, most of the time on conference calls from and to work), so that was a BIG issue.

After struggling with it for a year, I was able to trade it in for another custom ordered 2012, this time M-Sport (with Dynamic Dampers), and also fully loaded with new goodies, like Combox (waaaay better bluetooth) and heads-up-display.

There is simply no comparison. I LOVE how this one drives. The power delivery is smooth and plentiful. The suspension does what you want it to do (Comfort+, Comfort, Sport, Sport+), drives straight like an arrow, and the sound quality of bluetooth is outstanding. Nobody knows I'm calling from my car.

I've had many, many brand new cars before (over 30 of them) including other BMW's, M-Benz, Porsche, Audi, Cadillac, Ford, Land Rover, Saab, etc. Lots of variety along the way. And of all of them, this is the car I've enjoyed the most bar none. I absolutely love this car, from the way it looks, the way it drives, the luxury inside, etc.

After 14 months and over 17,000 miles, I'm still in love with this car.

And by the way, when I was mad at my 2011, I test drove the A6 and A7, and as much as I wanted to "punish" BMW by purchasing something else, they didn't feel as luxurious or refined as the F10. Here's one little thing to compare: Look at the cheap hard plastic on the center console between the front seats. That would look and feel cheap on a Hyundai. Enough said.
Thanks for the useful information. So it seems that if you had one without dynamic dampers, and especially the 2011s, you'll feel the floaty suspension.
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