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Originally Posted by mikeriley View Post
Wow, a lot of back and forth between people with strong opinions.

My original intent was not to be provoking but just to state my observation and comparison of two brands of vehicles.

My post was not to upset, pick fights, or be an A.. I can see how my comment about best car ever was inappropriate.
Mike, I really enjoyed reading your honest thoughts and emotions with your valid comparison of the Audi and BMW. It is especially refreshing for me to read this here, on the F10 forum. It is inevitable in any forum for people to get defensive and aggressive with their opinions, especially when you talk about their car. I would rather people be honest with themselves and us, versus stroking the pride of the forum.

We all have different levels of experience, different preferences, and different reasons for buying this class of car. I actually love the styling of the A7. I also appreciate the dramatic rear of the A7, and even the factory optioned wheels (on a side note, I think Audi does the best job when it comes to the design and looks of their factory wheels). I do agree with MiamiB that the A7 is a fair comparison with the 6-series or better.

Many GREAT points have been discussed thus far. I really do believe that the 2011 F10s are different animals than the later year F10s. When I dropped off my vehicle for service and had a 2012 535i loaner, I was amazed at how much more fun it was to drive. It felt more competent in every way. I swore by the sport button, as many here scoffed and said it was in my head. I wish I had the opportunity to trade in my vehicle for a 2012; however, I actually bought this vehicle (not leased) and don't have the luxury to loose a lot of money on trading up.

The difference between me and most of you is that this is my first BMW. I have never owned a luxury car in this class and did not know what to expect. I have always been a car enthusiast and wrenched my beaters going through life and school. Upon ownership I loved the refinement and quality of the F10; however, I never felt the passion, performance and the "driver's car" character that I have always read BMW to have. All this is a mute a point as the wifey loves the ride and my 8 month old son sleeps peacefully in it. I feel very blessed to own this vehicle, and will probably drive it into 2020.

2011 535i Sport (Prem 1, 2)

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