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Originally Posted by mikeriley View Post
I am not married to the A7 either. It is a wonderful car. To say I lose credibility that I did not pan the seats is stupid. Nobody ever has said that the A7 seats are good, infact its one of the biggest complaints on the audi forums. I do not like them. But, as a rational person I also do not cum over the F10 seats knowing how good the E60 were before them.

As much as it hurts me and others, BMW really missed the mark on the new F10 for those that love the BMW driving feel, specifically those that are the ones that would spend time on these forums! However, obviously they have a hit, sales are great.

And for those that think the A7 is ugly, good for you. You have your opinion. It is not for everyone. Not that it matters but interestingly there is not a day, and I mean it, that I don't get a thumbs up from passing drivers or a nice car remark from people when my car is parked. I have never had that before, nor do I seek it, nor does it matter to me, just a fact.

My post was not to upset, pick fights, or be an A.. I can see how my comment about best car ever was inappropriate.

I really look forward to being back in a BMW (with side bolsters!).
Personally, I think the seats on a car is almost as important as the engine. If one cannot get comfortable in a car seat, the rest really doesnt matter. The A7's seats simply does not belong in a $75000 car. Audi should have put the A8's seats in the A7 or at least make it optional. Just out of curiosity, why are you so big on side bolsters? Are you a wide person? I find the standard bolsters just fine. If I were driving a Ferrari or something, I would want the side bolster to hold me tight, but not on a car like the F10, which is a 4 door sedan.
The whole BMW line up is going main stream, that means more comfortable ride and higher quality. As the sales numbers indicate, for every one customer they lose such as yourself, they gain two. A funny thing happen between Audi and BMW the last few years, they kind of swap places. BMW use to be the performance car maker and Audi somewhere between BMW and Mercedes as far as comfort and performance. Now BMW has the perfect balance of comfort and performance and Audi is now the sportier one.
Lastly, I dont think the A7 is ugly, I like the front end and the profile, the rear is average at best. My problem with the A7 is that it way over priced. Its about $12000 more than the A6, yet the powertrain and the interior is the same as the A6. At least when BMW charge a premium for the 6 series grand coupe, they upgarded the interior.

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