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Originally Posted by Zulu95 View Post
Figure on doing a complete cooling system overhaul (T'stat, t'stat housing, hoses, waterpump, belts and pulleys.) Transmission, unless recently changed would be something else to consider. Front end. Transfer case. Try a search on xoutpost for common failures there are a lot of items to consider. Some of those items would cost the best part of or more than the asking price so keep that in mind when you make an offer.
We have an '01 3.0L but it is still below 80K.
Thanks, Zulu - appreciate your input.

Yes, as I look around, everything suggest replacement of all the cooling system compenents if one of them start to leak. Do you know if the tstat and housing are a PITA to replace? I'll look around for some description.

I drove the vehicle and it seems to shift and drive fine but, yes, I worry about longevity on the tranny, etc. I guess that's the gamble of buying used.

I'll take a look at xoutpost. Thanks again.
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