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Originally Posted by rtb001 View Post
Well that may not be the best example since both the 3 and 5 are extremely nice cars, and now that the F30 is so roomy inside, you can make the argument to choose the 3 over the 5 based on other factors.

Still, everytime I walk through a parking lot and see a loaded to the gills Malibu/Fusion/Accord etc, I'm still dumbfounded. If you're already going to drop 30K+ on a car, why not just plunk down a few more grand and get a base BMW/Acura/Infiniti. I know the insurance and premium gas will also cost more during ownership, but the up-leveled car is just SO MUCH better.

To be fair, the modern midsize volume selling sedan are great cars. I seriously considered the newly redesigned Accord and Altima while I was shopping for me new car. However, a big part of their greatness is their value for money, which goes out the window once you start throwing in options. If I had decided to buy an Accord instead, I would have gotten a lightly optioned example as well.
To many people, all cars are the same when it comes to driving characteristics.

For example, if I am a person who sits in 60 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic going to work, the sporty suspension of a BMW versus a Chevrolet might not mean as much to me as getting leather seats, power seats, moonroof, satellite radio, navigation, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and on and on and spending less money. Better to be comfortable and entertained at 5 mph on the highway two hours a day then being a car without Bluetooth or nav just for the sake of a more spirited drive which one never gets to experience.

I'd venture to guess that 80% of the American car buying public cares more about the technology and the sumptuous comfort features than they do about what we call 'performance'.


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