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Originally Posted by krash View Post

Rental cars are 1 thing, but you can get a nav and rear view camera now in the Malibu and cars like the Nissan Sentra, Ford Focus, and other cars on the bottom rung.

EDIT: Sort of embarrassing to be driving around in a $45,000 car without a Nav and rear view camera, and then someone pulls up next to you in a Chevy Malibu and has that stuff...
This ties back to the misperception of the F30.

Back in the day, you could get a stripped E46 and still wind up in an extremely responsive enthusiasts car that handled well and gave you a lot of value for the buck.

Today, the stripped F30 doesn't have that same type of enthusiasts suspension and completely lacks most of the creature comforts found on other cars in lower classes at half the price. Today, to replicate that E46 stripper you have to spend thousands of dollars on suspension upgrades and packages. The times have changed, and the 3 Series is not what it once was. You now have to pay to get more just like all other luxury cars.

What is happening quite often now is that people don't understand this. They think that being noble and buying a stripped F30 is closer to the 'core' of what the BMW 3 Series is all about. Unfortunately, they would be very wrong about that. Not only do you have to pay for all the tech goodies and comfort features, but now you have to pay for the sports performance too.

It's putting people either in a car that disappoints them or a car that is too expensive for them. That's why this particular conversation gets so controversial.

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