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Originally Posted by Dheilman View Post
... I'm anxious to see what the upper strut mount of the Bilsteins look like compared to the photo posted by Vintage42...
It will look the same. The upper hole in the strut is the same slight oval on the Sachs that I removed, and the Sensens that I am putting on... and the Bilsteins you are awaiting. It is required in the design of the Z3 struts.

The two bottom bolts go in first, then the top bolt goes through the oval hole. If the top hole were not oval, it would require perfect strut manufacturing to make all three holes line up.

As an experiment with your Bilsteins, try installing one bottom bolt and the top bolt, and see if the second bottom bolt will go in its hole. If it did, it would be a lucky position of the top bolt in the oval. The slop in the top hole provides the tolerance to allow the critical bottom bolts to go home first.

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