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Originally Posted by wyb View Post
If you have a need for Java - consider a 2-browser approach - your everyday browser - turn Java off - for a site you absolutely MUST have Java - enable java for one browser and only visit that one site with the java-enabled browser.
I uninstalled Java just about an hour ago, and already noticed a few places that got screwed up without it. One is here, the editing buttons on the post message are not working (Bold, quote, etc). Second, my Google homepage is gone. Of course JDownloader doesn't work either, when I tried to save a Youtube video into my hard disk. Oh well.

BUT, I noticed in Chrome that you can inter Exceptions. Go to Settings, in the Search Settings window (not Control F) type "java", it points you to Privacy > Content Settings... Click it, in the new window "java"script is already highlighted. Click "do not allow any site to run Javascript and then click "Exceptions Manager", there you can "add a hostname pattern" and select "Allow".

Your thoughts?
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