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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
BTW, I would not call ATS boring, it stands out quite apart from many other brands. But it still lacks options. In this super competitive segment, they need to learn from the boss, provide more trims and special order items, such as performance parts. They are not nearly as resourceful as BMW in this regard.
I can agree to some extent. Maybe the car isn't boring, but what makes it so attractive to the senior crowd? Is it the crest, or are they actually drawn to the design? I'm not sure they see the car, sit there and say to themselves "boy I'm sure this thing handles like it's on rails".

If they were to test drive the car and feel how stiff the setup is, would they walk away? I walked up to the car with an open mind, and my wife (who insists on never driving a Cadillac) thought it looked okay. It doesn't stand out from the rest, and that may be what it needs. The XTS right next to it had the average crowd gathered around it.

I just thought it was weird to see the ATS surrounded by that crowd, of course all the kids surrounding the CTS-V's right next to it wasn't helping either. I just don't think it's the looks that will attract the target segment, it's the way it drives. But in order to get them inside the car it has to have the looks.
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