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The coolant concern scares me, So I checked at the radiator. The dip stick "floats" all the way out showing proper level, but its pretty far down in there. I used a flash light to look and the coolant is clear. Not Green, not blue. . . Clear, basically the color of power steering fluid. Also, I might say, not water clear. but very clean looking.? It didnt look milky or nasty, jsut a very clean looking, but a bizzar color. Make sense? Again, car has never overheated. It maintains the same temp. Well - I dont know the normal, but mine runs right at the half way point on the guage. never more, never less. thoughts on that?

Also checked fire wall best I could with a small telescoping mirror. I didnt see any sign of oil.

Guess its gotta go back on the lift. . . . $weet !

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