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Originally Posted by Beemer13 View Post
The coolant concern scares me, So I checked at the radiator. The dip stick "floats" all the way out showing proper level, but its pretty far down in there. I used a flash light to look and the coolant is clear. Not Green, not blue. . . Clear, basically the color of power steering fluid. Also, I might say, not water clear. but very clean looking.? It didnt look milky or nasty, jsut a very clean looking, but a bizzar color. Make sense? Again, car has never overheated. It maintains the same temp. Well - I dont know the normal, but mine runs right at the half way point on the guage. never more, never less. thoughts on that?

Also checked fire wall best I could with a small telescoping mirror. I didnt see any sign of oil.

Guess its gotta go back on the lift. . . . $weet !
Well first, your power steering fluid shouldn't be clear. If it is you have some other serious problems you need to address. It should be red. As for the coolant, start the car and let it idle for about ten minutes and then check it. It being clear right now is probably just the water sitting on top. If needed, find a tube and suck some of the fluid out so you can see it. If everything checks out, top off your coolant with distilled water.

As for the lack of overheating issue, if your head gasket was in the early stages of failure you might not see any overheating, but you're right that it likely would have overheated. I had a Taurus once though with a blown head gasket; it ran fine until it got low on coolant, and only then was there ever a problem. Your issue may not be a coolant leaking into the head issue, but oil though; so you might not see any overheating at all until the heads warp.

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