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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
Why? They have nothing to do with driving.
The average American drives 15,000 miles per year at an average of 28 MPH on a combination of residential streets and public highways.

"Driving" is not taking a hairpin turn at 80 MPH. "Driving" is taking the kids to travel baseball games, taking the wife to the mall, commuting at rush hour. You can take a sport suspension and throw it out the window in those conditions. You need a good audio system, a navigation system, satellite radio, backup camera, and park distance sensors to have "enthusiasm" for typical driving conditions.

Put another way, drivers have the need to open their trunk with their right foot far more than they have the need to use it on the accelerator. Funny thing about people who can afford $50,000 German luxury cars. They can afford $15,000 Miata's, Civic's, and E36's as weekend cars for the type of fun you subscribe to.

There used to be a time that you got A+ Powerup credit on Bimmerfest for your throwback attitude; wrong forum for that now. The dinosaur myth of the 3 Series as a factory performance car with a badge are long over. Move on. BMW has.


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