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Mein Auto: BMW-less for now
Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post

"Driving" is not taking a hairpin turn at 80 MPH. "Driving" is taking the kids to travel baseball games, taking the wife to the mall, commuting at rush hour. You can take a sport suspension and throw it out the window in those conditions. You need a good audio system, a navigation system, satellite radio, backup camera, and park distance sensors to have "enthusiasm" for typical driving conditions.
That's more commuting than driving.

The dinosaur myth of the 3 Series as a factory performance car with a badge are long over. Move on. BMW has.

Not it is not. That's why the 335i is still there. Not as a "factory performance car", but rather as a "factory fun-to-drive machine", where pleasure is above efficiency. And not only a commuter. I think that you need a Lexus. BMW are not for you.
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