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Originally Posted by LegendaryItalia View Post
People who don't understand what it means when you flash your lights at them from behind.
People do understand, but they are following the LAW if they are going speed limit already and if they are in the right most lane, you are really morally wrong for doing that. If they are in the left lane, but are passing another car in the right lane, they have EVERY RIGHT to do so without risking getting a ticket. I have NEVER gotten a speeding ticket in my lifetime and I am 35 yrs old. WHY? I rarely have ever sped before. I have before, I am not a saint, but I try 99.9% of the times to follow the law unless it's absolutely necessary like if I leave at my normal time that I am already 20-25 minutes before my work starts, but there's a huge abnormal for some weird reason traffic jam, I have sped to get to work on time, but that's ALL. A LOT of people speed EVERY SINGLE DAY and that is LAW BREAKING just as much as I did when I did, but the thing is, I try do follow the law, which flashing your high beams is *****AGAINST********* THE LAW!!

I don't care how much you are flashing me, I ain't moving to get a ticket for *YOU*, NOR am I going to SLOW DOWN just so you can NOT FOLLOW THE LAW LIKE I HAVE TO!! HECK WITH THAT SELFISH JERK!!

The other day I was on the interstate behind some a$$hat in the passing lane doing 65 in a 70. I couldn't pass on the right because it was congested but the car in front of me could. I flashed my lights and saw her look in the rear view mirror then she proceeded to look in all directions like she was looking for a fire or a space shuttle or a dingo on the side of the road.
This I can 100% understand is REALLY FRUSTRATING for people not to go AT LEAST speed limit, I will give you that, but if they are going at least speed limit, DO NOT FLASH THEM if they are passing people up already or even more so if they are in the right lane. I had people honk on me before for going speed limit. WHY? It's THE LAW!!

I guess my biggest pet peeve is people being selfish on the road.

Selfish is BLOCKING TRAFFIC to get into a lane. I CANNOT STAND THAT or digging through your car or purse at a light that turns green not paying attention or even in the back of your car even. Once, a lady went in the BACK of her SUV at the light and all the traffic around her went. She was STUPID! You shouldn't be doing that on the road. PULL OVER rather than blocking people.

I cannot stand when people let people in from a gas station or a place of business, so then *YOU* get the red light. They have OTHER WAYS to get out that you can make u-turns. When people try to let me in, I refuse them. WHY? I hate when it's done to me, so I don't do that to the line of traffic by cutting.
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