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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
Lastly, I dont think the A7 is ugly, I like the front end and the profile, the rear is average at best. My problem with the A7 is that it way over priced. Its about $12000 more than the A6, yet the powertrain and the interior is the same as the A6. At least when BMW charge a premium for the 6 series grand coupe, they upgarded the interior.
not really. ~$6k more between top end loaded S6 and S7

Originally Posted by K-A View Post

Call me crazy but I think not only does the F10 have the nicest interior on the BMW lineup (that includes the F01 and new 6-Series), but IMO it has one of the nicest interior in the world, especially when you option a few key things out right.
Yes, I'm gonna call you crazy I really like the curved dash of the 6GC and the optional leather dash makes it seem quite expensive (of course, it is though)

Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
It would look absolutely hideous after I put the required duct tape on the top of the center console.
The stupid pop nav Designer who came up with that needs to get shot

I'll check my PM's, there probably was a congrats somewhere.
There were multiple congrats (from me) in your post in the X5M section

bm323 is too dumb to go look.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
bm323, why don't you offer your own review or opinion for a change instead of constantly telling anyone who don't love the F10 that they are lying and worse? Everyone else are sharing opinions about the cars not the commenters. If you like me to reply in the future lay off the personal attacks or I will just ignore as is the case with tadtaggert's comments.
Finally, someone else sees his crap. He's ruined multiple M5 threads where people were giving their own opinions of the car. I don't understand why people constantly quote him. Quite annoying when you have the moron on ignore.

He reminds of a teenager whose parents just bought an F10 and let him drive every so often, so he thinks it's the best thing in the world. He's akin to the people over on ClubLexus or AcuraZine. Quite delusional and out of reality.

Originally Posted by TGray5 View Post
Seriously? Been plenty of bashing of the GT. If someone came here and posted about how great the GT was, you don't think many would say the butt is ugly?
I must have missed all of that I would have joined in on it
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