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Originally Posted by cblandin View Post
Given that my Volt stickered for $45k I cannot imagine a world where this BMW is less than that - ESP considering its lightweight construction.
Yes and there is the problem.

Current EV market is something like this:

Renault Zoe 13,650 + 60/month for battery (not sold in US)
Renault Fluence 17,495 + 70/month for battery (not sold in US)
Nissan Leaf 24,995 / $27,700 (SV)
Coda $30,000
Vauxhall Ampera 29,995 / Chevy Volt $45,000
BMW 528i $47,800
Tesla Model S 40kWh $52,400 (UK price will be about the same + 20% VAT)

(There is the tiny overpriced Mitusbishi too)

I've driven the Fluence. Looked at the rest except for Coda and Zoe. (Zoe isn't out yet and Coda isn't worth looking at)

BMW has publicly said an i3 will cost less than a 5 series. They were talking about the US market. That means less than $47,800 top of sticker after govt incentives.

The Model S is in the same class as a 5 series. If a MINI Cooper was $46,000 and a 5 series was $52,000, would BMW sell very many MINIs?

Tesla is selling 100 cars a day. If the i3 really is $46,000 top of sticker BMW will be lucky to sell 100 in a year.
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