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Originally Posted by Red Lined View Post
Real life:

F30 is a 20-30 year old's car. Out of the 140 kids in my medical school class alone, prob half drive a new 3 series or comparable The university parking lot is flooded with f30s these days. Strippers or not, an F30 is an F30 and the general public sees no difference between a baseline and a Luxury/Sport.

Not exactly a luxury CEO automobile...
I sure hope their parents paid for them. That's like another 36-50k added to the 200k + of student loans. And I hope these students understand that after med school you don't make the real cash until you become part of a medical group or start your own practice. The market for doctors is getting over saturated. A lot of my friends had to move out of California just to get a job. I was surprised to find out that Fellows only make 40k a year residents make less than that, and that's working for one of the top hospitals here in Socal.

"Not exactly a luxury CEO automobile"

BMW is still a luxury brand. And I'm pretty sure that the general public will agree with me on this. With all do respect, you need to come up with a better case analysis than basing it off a school parking lot.

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