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Originally Posted by henrycyao View Post
I agree with your statement. I firmly believe a properly weighted steering wheel is very important to feedback what is happening on the wheel. I still remember I sense something was wrong with tires when the steering wheel felt a little slippery. If you are always light on steering wheel, it would be hard to detect a delta in change of force. So I agree that heavier steering is better if it is not artificially harden.

Passive sport suspension is easy to get it back. BMW just add a small control unit to the damper to make it active. Replace that with a without electrical connection, you will get that back! I saw the picture of it in X3 forum. I am sure eventually there will be an after market for those that doesn't like active ones.

NA engine? If you look at the way people promote diesel on this thread, you would think gasoline engine is going into extinction in the US.
The porsche, is light but doesnt really equate to say an overboosted Toyota steering, nor a Lexus GX dull feeling. Its weird, but really well engineered steering feel. It gives you a feeling of control and road feedback, but without the heft in say any EXX (w.o active steering).

that being said, the heft in a BMW isnt bad. For instance it really pays dividends during long, long road trips on the highway. the heft really controls the sudden minute steering angle changes that are typical of other brands.

rank wise, in the handling department:

1) Porsche
2) BMW

BMW and Mercedes Build Beta Products!
Lexus build Release Candidate Products!

Why does this matter?
CAUSE EVERY TIME someone says Lexus has better build quality, one should consider what Toyota their Lexus Engine and chassis platform comes out of and how long that part has been tested in the real world!
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