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Originally Posted by schnieds View Post
Awesome, thanks for that link!!!!

I got my X1 xDrive28i about three weeks ago. I didn't notice the acceleration lag so much at first, but now it is starting to drive me crazy and feels dangerous when I am trying to pull into traffic. At its worse I think it is a few seconds from the time I push down the accelerator to anything happening.

Has anyone tried the Throttle Body Adaptation reset mentioned in this thread?

It looks like a software update fixed the 5 series acceleration lag issue. I am contacting my dealer about my X1. If enough of us speak up, hopefully BMW will release the same fix for the X1 series.
I took my X1 into the dealership and had them reset the transmission adaptives. It seemed to have helped somewhat. I'll also try the throttle body adaptation reset tomorrow.

BMW has to take these complaints seriously eventually, so it'll certainly help if everyone bitches about it. FYI... I called BMW Canada, and they just made a note of it and referred me to the dealership.
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