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Originally Posted by leephoto View Post
BMW is classy, Nuff said. If you don't wana look classy go buy a Toyota lol Nuff said.
Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
At some point you have to decide whether you are buying a car or a suit.

Or, BMW is trying to make the car the suit. Pick one that fits, pick the style that's right for you, choose the cut that sends the right message, done.

BMW's have been status-symbols since the 1980's. The whole yuppie thing, movies like "Pretty In Pink", rock songs, rap songs, TV shows, everywhere. It's been carefully cultivated by BMW themselves, pretty brilliantly in fact. BMW stands behind the Ultimate Driving Machine, pop culture stands behind the Ultimate Status Symbol, and you wind up with a car that's both.

As the other poster said, if one doesn't want to look classy, one shouldn't buy a classy car. If one doesn't want to be seen in a shallow status symbol, one should stop buying them. If one gets upset when people perceive them as "arrogant rich yuppies", well, buy a car from a brand that says "humble poor working class" and problem solved. There are lots of Kia's on the road for drivers who want to lay low, be "of the people", and avoid stereotyping.

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