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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
My parents owned a 1981 7 Series, was the first car I ever drove, just loved it. Years went by, I did pretty well on my own, started driving 3 Series myself, loved them just as much. BMW is just my brand, can't really tell you why other than it is of high quality, the design is just gorgeous, it drives like a dream, and it sends a positive message about me to those who see me in it.

I drive the 3 Series because it is the perfect blend of luxury and sport. However, I'm in a fairly narrow niche of owners who drive the 3 Series because its is a practical and inexpensive car for my social/financial standing. While many of my contemporaries drive $100,000 cars and feel I should too, I like being in a $50,000 car as it's all I need. The 5 is too big, the 1 is too small, the 3 is just right.

As far as BMW's own strategy, the car tells the story. You pay more, you get more. You want a track-worthy ride, you get a Sport line and add DHP and Adaptive M Suspension. You want a sumptuous ride, you get a Luxury line and add the Technology and Premium packages. BMW isn't giving the sporty ride for free anymore. It's still there, you just need to pay for it. I guess they're finding that the no-Line customer just wants the badge and that the Sport customer has the money to pay more.

That's how BMW attacks Lexus and Mercedes Benz. That's the strategy. Soften the ride, increase the dimensions, add more standard equipment. The baby-boomers have been the bread-and-butter of the 3 Series, they're older now, harsh suspensions feel great in the corners when you're 40 but don't help herniated discs when you're 60. The car doesn't start as a sport sedan that then struggles to be a luxury sedan; other way around now.

seems like you're more concerned with how other people "feel" about you, then the road "feel" we used to have in a base bmw. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy. i care for how the car feels when i drive it, not what others think of me. granted the build quality , level of engineering, reliability and service are factors as well. I can afford more than one 100k car, but if i did it would just be a silly waste. and anyone who judges me or others by how expensive their car is, i just dont take seriously
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