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Originally Posted by team22racing View Post
I have a 1997 318ti hatchback with less than 50,000 original miles on it. I want to up grade the sound system and have done some research but need some questions answered. First off I have a basic cassette deck receiver with 10 speakers and an BMW stock amp mounted in the trunk on the driver side quarter panel wall under the side carpet. I have a Pioneer DHX3500U receiver, new. I have the adapter harness for the stock BMW receiver plug and the Pioneer. My situation is the rear speakers. They are playing at 50% at best. They pop and crack at half volume. Initially I wanted to replace the rears with some mid level aftermarkets, looking to spend around $150 or so. The stock speakers are 411/2" rounds. I have been told and have read that I can not just plug aftermarket speakers into the BMW harness and amp. That it will ruin the speakers. From what I have learned the BMW amp is not compatible with after market speakers. I am trying to confirm these things and I am also trying to find out if I can by pass BMW amp and use my MOSFET amp that is internally in my new Pioneer deck? Can I unplug the input and output on the amp and plug those two lines directly into each other and this would bypass amp. is this true? or is there a better way to do this? Have also been told I cant run the other 8 BMW speakers from the MOSFET amp in my Pioneer deck. That the BMW speakers will not work with any other amp than a BMW. So, is it possible to put new rear speakers in car without changing all 10 and also get around the stock amp? Long question, I know. What I thought was gonna be a great afternoon DIY project seems to be turning into a technical high skilled job. Any help, info, ideas welcomed.
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most of us run aftermarket speakers, and decks on the stock BMW amp. I myself have the stock BMW amp driving my shelf and door speakers which are all Kicker brand and then i have a separate amp that's bridged to run just a sub. it gets confusing but its all quite simple honestly

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