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Originally Posted by PK2348 View Post
seems like you're more concerned with how other people "feel" about you, then the road "feel" we used to have in a base bmw. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy. i care for how the car feels when i drive it, not what others think of me. granted the build quality , level of engineering, reliability and service are factors as well. I can afford more than one 100k car, but if i did it would just be a silly waste. and anyone who judges me or others by how expensive their car is, i just dont take seriously
Yeah, you're trying to get into the whole class-warfare thing and I'm just not in the mood. For some reason there's this underlying refusal to believe that a BMW is a status-symbol in some people's minds and some dislike for those who embrace that.

It's a car. You love yours, I love mine, we're all good.

As far as the loss of road "feel", that stuff worked when I was in my 20's, doesn't fly anymore here in my 40's. Single guy, rolling around, driving like a maniac, it was fun. But then I grew up, got a big job, got a wife, got kids, they don't like the harsh suspension, they don't like when dad drives like an immature kid, makes my 11 year old nauseous. So, for me, I was thinking of walking away from BMW and trading my E90 in for another brand when word hit the street that BMW softened up the suspension, created a "Luxury" line, had something called a "Comfort" mode, had an adjustable experience switch to flip the car from 'safe' to 'sport' when dad wanted to be naughty, I was sold.

The legendary BMW sport feel is still there. You just need to pay for it. Get a Sport line, get the DH Package, get the Adaptive M Suspension, the 3 Series is better than ever. One for you, one for me, full of win. If I ever want to play some Styx and pretend that I'm 17 again, I'll just buy a nice E36 M3 as a weekend plaything and that'll be that.


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