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Originally Posted by cmpcpro View Post
As I said above I would be more than willing to help. I am a computer technician by trade, I own my own business in the field. I can possibly work on the electrical front, and my stepdad is a master fabricator with a full blow shop with all the tools. We have a friend with a machine shop down the street, and I have many friends in the parts stores and the guys in the parts dept. at the dealer. I really think I could be a valuable asset working on this. Now that you have found the correct thermostat that is working and that is proven, these small issues could be taken care of by us working on them together. I don't expect you to have to do all the work yourself. Hell I think we would all be willing to donate to you for the money spent on testing the thermostats. I will. But this is obviously a big problem and we are all driving around at 105c every day, and causing problems.. I just spent $225 on a brand new vacuum pump to resolve the oil leaking and now I have a new leak on the other side.. so even a few days can be the difference between damage.
I told you:
The more you drive with internal leak the more damage you're going to make. My engine was almost dry 4 months ago. Now my valve cover gaskets and upper timing ones look ****ty;( so fix the leak
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