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Originally Posted by pony_trekker View Post
3 series only conveys status to the poor. The wealthy know that true status only comes from an S class or up. The uberwealthy don't care about cars. Kennedy drove a Saab.
The Average American family makes $51,000 a year. They can't afford a BMW because the $500 lease payment is almost as much as their mortgage. Those aren't "poor" people. Those are just average people.

The wealthy know that true status comes from an impressive job title, strong investment portfolio, high net worth, early retirement, paid college educations, summer homes, and family vacations. The cars don't count. I know several multi-millionaires who are very happy in their 3 Series', Odyssey's, and Yukon's. I've got several friends in their AMG's and Porsche's, no knock on them, I'd do the same thing if I wanted to, I'd rather be smarter with my money.

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