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Originally Posted by KLC View Post
You basically just agreed with BJ. His whole point is leasing is more expensive. You pay a premium to get into a brand new car every 3 years and never worry about a car out of warranty. Yes, you end up paying more in interest, and you always have a car payment -- that's the premium.

It's 2013. There is no point in owning cars anymore. If most of us on this forum are paying $350-$450 in a lease payment that's not really a lot of money. I pay $700 for gas/electric, $400 for TV/phone/internet, $300 for mobile phones, $800 for groceries. You can't tell me that a car is not the same thing as any of these other monthly outlays. All are necessary to live your life every month.

Not sure why the $400 lease payment is put on this uber pedestal vs. these other things. No one is screaming that we should "own" our utilities, pay for 7 years in advance to save a few dollars; we just pay the bill when we get it. Your car? Same thing. It's a necessary expense, just another utility. It's not some investment, there is no way to game the system. Those who purchase and-keep their cars forever could be leasing a $199 Honda and be in new cars but they choose to drive an aging BMW instead. Their choice, but financially it's the same thing.

Whip out your monthly budget, pick a number for car payments that works, pick the appropriate lease that fits your lifestyle. I'm at $1200 for both cars. That's my monthly budget. My BMW is $539. I'll lease for the rest of my life at or near that level, the 3 Series and it's ultimate service warranty ensures I won't spend a dime on maintenance, I won't hold debt in a depreciating asset, I'll be in a brand new car every 3 years.

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