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Originally Posted by krash View Post
Yep, some people are totally clueless and absolutely have no idea what the macro economic realities are in this county.

There is a reason why the overwhelming majority of people buy used cars instead of new cars. And there is a reason why the top selling cars are the Camry, Civic, Corolla, Malibu and Fusion. It's money, or the lack thereof. The masses are buying cars for $25,000 or under.

You can't get into a BMW 3 Series without paying atleast $40,000. A $40,000 car is way out-of-sight for most 90% of the population.
Exactly. And yet we sit here arguing over what the definition is of a "poor" person.

I shudder to think what a truly poor person would make of this forum. Bunch of rich guys and privileged offspring trying to act all "unaffected" and "humble" is about as insincere as it gets.

"I hate it when people show off in their BMW's because it makes me feel like I'm a pretentious yuppie when I'm not, I'm like a normal person, I have really good values, this is just a car that anyone can afford." Yeah, tell that to the guy who repairs your toilet, let me know what he thinks of you, Mr. Unaffected.

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