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Three driving pet peeves, each offensive to a different sense:
  • Sight: I hate driving behind vans that have no back windows. It's like driving behind a moving blind spot. I like seeing through the car to the traffic ahead of it. SUVs are bad enough, but these vans make my blood pressure rise, because not only can I not see through them, but they're certainly less likely to even know I'm behind them, with all the attendant safety hazards thereto.
  • Sound: I hate driving near any car that sounds like a mini-bike or a lawnmower when it accelerates, because it's almost certain that the driver thinks it sounds so cool that they're compelled to floor the damn thing when the traffic light changes.
  • Smell: But the worst has got to be driving behind a car with oil-burning trouble. The sight part of enveloping you in thick black smoke when they accelerate is bad enough, but to me, that's nothing compared to its effluvium that assaults your olfactory. Yuk.
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