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If you have the 6spd ZF transmission I can't recommend Pentosin ATF1 or ESSO now Mobil LT71141 because those are for 5 spd ZF transmissions. What is the difference? I don't know I would have to send samples to Blackstone as I did with Mercon SP and see how similar they are. Yes Mercon SP is the same as LifeGuard 6 with two exceptions, color and smell. The Blackstone analysis stated that they could have come from the same batch of ATF since there was no difference (except what I stated above) in the samples. Mercon SP is 5.99 from O'Reilys a quart. LG6 best price I know from this supplier is

If you have any doubts about ATF just read their opinion on using something other than what ZF recommends. It is in bold orange right in the middle of their web page.

I agree with the above posters and I have done this job myself, you will spill some ATF maybe a pint so it helps to have plastic under the area to catch what will spill. Regarding the integral pan and filter. You always clean the magnets and wipe the pan clean before installing on any transmission. The debris that falls into the pan and I suppose the filter is both clutch material and steel particales which is all normal and can ruin your transmission if it gets stuck in check balls. That isn't going to happen when you drain-drop-refill vs flush.

This isn't a terrible job and it serves a dual purpose of changing a good deal of ATF and fixing that rubber sleeve. I would suggest and drain and refill again in 30K miles and every 30K miles after since ATF if you use Mercon SP is not expensive and that will keep your transmission happy...

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