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Originally Posted by chasfh View Post
I first saw this in England when I visited there a couple of decades ago: the light goes from red, to red-yellow simultaneously, then to green. I hypothesized at the time that they did that for all the people driving MTs. You're in neutral at the light, and when it turns red-yellow, that's your signal to put it in first, then by the time you've done this, the light has turned green and you have saved the people around you precious nanoseconds.
Yes, those nanoseconds add up. The guy who could have made that left turn or made it across the intersection but didn't because of slow pokers only think for himself. The guy just lost 2 minutes of his time waiting for the next change of lights. Now, add those two minutes to all drivers who missed the light and you will find that is a lot of time/resources lost that should not have happened. Maybe it's not important to you, but it is to me. So, have some courtesy and get across that intersection when the light turns green as soon as possible.

It goes the same, when in a line of stopped traffic, I allow the driver who is stucked in the driveway trying to make his way into traffic. Logic tells me, the short amount of time I and the drivers behind me lost is less than the time the driver coming out of the driveway lost. It's just common courtesy to try to keep traffic flow as smoothly as possible. The road just do not belong to me.
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