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Originally Posted by Jon Shafer View Post
I am just curious if anyone who has a M3 with the standard stereo could chime in with their impressions. In order to get Premium Sound you have to order the Premium Package (which I don't want). Is the standard audio system decent? Every car I have ever sat in at the dealership has had Premium Sound, so I am counting on real-world observations from you Bimmerfest members.

Edit: I can see now that BMW is forcing the Individual Audio with the Premium Package for MY2013. It was not like that until this model year.

Individual Audio sounds better than the HiFi, but not $1900 better IMO. I had IA in my 2008 M3 (not ordered, just sitting at the lot), and now I have HiFi in my 2012 M3 (ordered as is), and I found the IA impossible to tune the way I wanted to sound. But most M3 owners seems to like it a lot. I normally dump the OEM sound and go aftermarket, which the HiFi is a much better platform to do that than the IA.

There is a third option, albeit hidden: special request the Logic7 system for about $1000. It does not have any iDrive requirement so it can be installed with the OEM HU if so desired. One forum member in the USA had it approved by BMWNA for his non-iDrive M3, AFAIK.

Logic7 sounds better than both the HiFi and the IA for the money, IMO. You will not get $900 in sound improvement with the IA, but you will get $1000 improvement over the HiFi.

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