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Originally Posted by highyo View Post
haha yeah i think that what i'm going to do over the next few years is a big mod a year. so this year the MPE, maybe next i'll do new diff/pulleys/dinan tune, and then who knows.

one thing i wont do is put a blower on her. thats going to far. and i'm still a little on the fence about the new diff

but the MPE? hell yeah. can't wait. lurking on Ebay right now
Best price I have found about $3500 - expensive.

At one point I was thinking about going Borla route - I installed Borla exhaust and headers on a 911 a few years ago with awesome outcome ....but I think I am staying all BMW this time. The M3 is just so well rounded - a perfect equilibrium - that I am willing to essentially spend more, for a little less performance, and have an outcome, more in tune with original intent - I am especially wary of droning.

Originally Posted by 1zamboni View Post
That is way too low for ext warranty only 478 per year?
yep - $78 a year

Originally Posted by nhman View Post
Capobranco, your post provides me with further confidence in my recent choice. I just ordered an M3 coupe yesterday. Like yours, it will be Silverstone w/ black except that I went with the carbon fiber roof. Estimated time for delivery is mid to late May. Both color and transmission type were the toughest choices. For now, I am going with DCT but I can easily make a case for a MT.
Good news - there are no bad choices. Funny, I thought that the CF roof was one of my "must haves". I had no time to order my car - I had to take something from inventory within 100 miles of my dealer - well, after 13+ months and 16K+ miles - I luv the moon roof and use it almost daily given any temp over 40 degrees. I especially appreciate it at night on my drives in the mountains - stars blazing - M3 purring...just wonderful sensual experience. As to DCT - I was leery of it but It is fun. I especially appreciate having it when I encounter the inevitable Metro DC traffic abomination. Aesthetically I have grown to prefer my Silverstone sans CF roof - the car appears to be carved out of a solid billet of aluminum alloy. I did see a Silverstone w/CF roof at my dealer last week - it was gorgeous - as I said, no bad choices.

European Car had a review of M3 vs. RS5 in its current issue - The summary is worth quoting;

" You can keep your Porsches and Ferraris; in my opinion, these (M3 & RS5) might be the best cars in world. Both take you to a place few can match, with a practicality and convenience to make them genuine daily drivers. They're cars you fall in love with, rather than a means of transport. They deserve enthusiast owners who can exploit their enormous potential and neither is the wrong decision; simply one is more right than the other."

Of course, the M3 was the "more right" one. I adore my M3.
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