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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
It's $4,000 cheaper.

That buys BMW many more customers who couldn't afford the base 328i and/or allows someone who really wanted a 328i with a lot of option packages to step down in engine class and accomplish that goal. Instead of taking a 328i and feeling forced to put no Line on the car or skip something like the technology package, now you can just cut the horsepower and keep all the goodies.

THIS. I agree with BJ and I think BMW knows that it is leaving a major market open that is being stolen by MBZ with the C250. The 328 no line is about 3k more than the C250 sport. I see a lot of C250's on the road and the reason is the 399 lease payment with only a couple grand down. The 320i will be closer to the C250 in price and power and help BMW make a comparable low teaser lease payment to get people in the door. The 3 series has gone upmarket and I think has cut off some people from being able to afford a BMW. This is BMW's answer to that problem and makes me think the 1 series sedan is not coming to the U.S.

Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
This will be BMW's best-selling 3 Series within two years.

Might also signal the end of the 335i completely. The 328i is only a hair less performance positive than the 335i right now is anyway. The 328i can become the top-of-the-line, the 320i the new bottom.

Agree with BJ again (can this be happening ). It is all about the lease payment for most people and this car will be BMW's new low downpayment or no downpayment 399 a month car, or maybe 299 a month if they residualize it right, designed to be sold on volume as a no line vehicle. I bet this one will only be available as a no line and sport line. To get modern, luxury or m sport you will probably have to bump up to the 328/335. Now we have an F30 for E46 325i money, larger body and same power plus better fuel economy. It will not be hard for BMW dealers to sell this thing to the average badge whore. If I had a friend debating a Honda or Toyota product I would tell them spend 5 grand more and get the BMW if only for the safety aspect of it. The 335i is not going away, but I predict it will be reborn as the 340i with a bump in power to around 330-350hp so there is a significant gap between the 328 and the 340.
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