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Guibo and CSB question

Hey I have a 95 325is with 134k. I am experiencing a thump from the rear every time i shift gears (used to only be intermittent), and recently i get a shuddering/thumping from the gearbox area when trying to take off uphill. I also experience a faint "Whurrrrrrr" rotational noise (sounds like a pidgeon) from 2100-2800 rpms, coming from the back seat also. Also when I abruptly take my foot off the gas at low speeds (like in bumper to bumper traffic) the car jerks back and forth a bit. Could this be engine and tranny mounts? or can this also be a drivetrain problem?

I got under the car and took a look at my guibo, and it doesn't seem that bad at all, but i dont think its ever been replaced, and I couldn't really get to my CSB. I have a couple questions.

Is it likely that the csb and guibo are the culprits? I've also read that worn diff bushings can cause this. The 2 rear diff bushings looked ok but I couldnt see the other one on the front of the diff.

Also I read in many DIY's that exaust bolts and gaskets will need to be changed, but none specify which bolts and gaskets. I've seen exhaust hardware kits, but they come with the brackets and cost around 100$, and I feel that's a lot for some bolts and gaskets.

If anyone could be so kind and point out, using these charts, which bolts and gaskets I should replace, I would greatly appreciate it.

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