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E90 '09 328i added water to coolant

I have a '09 328i lci
I started getting the low coolant message last week. This morning before I went to work I got it again, so I grabbed the manual and browsed through it and briefly read "combination of water and coolant" went inside my house filled a cup with water and pour it in the coolant reservoir and topped it up. turned the car on and the message was gone and went to work. I added about 300ml.
After work, after 2 miles driving at a red light when I started accelerating the car started acting up...I can only describe the acting up as if some of the fuel injectors were dirty...but it was sporadically... at least when I accelerated. so I continued for another mile and it was more frequent so the check engine light came on. It felt as if the car did not have its usual power as I accelerated and was decreasing. I stopped on the side of the road, turned it off and waited for about 5 minutes. Then, turned it on, the check engine was off and it still felt the acting up. Got on the highway and turned on cruise control and it felt fine. Drove about 20 miles, then at the next traffic light, when I started accelerating same thing happened and check engine light came on so I drove it about another 3-4 miles and got home.
did I screw up my car by adding regular water? Do you think that a coolant flush would help or fix it?
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