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Originally Posted by ard View Post
This is bad, potentially legally culpable, advice from the dealer. of course it is a verbal right? Ask them to put it in writing....they wont. If they do, send a copy to your family estate attorney.

The rubber compound in your tires will be hard as a rock- traction will be reduced DRAMATICALLY. With or without chains/cables, you will be at risk. There are actually stories about how dangerous summmer rubber compounds in winter cold, wet, etc (not 6 inches of snow, jsut cold) can be. Read the specs on tirerack- simply driving in rain at "near freezing temps" is dangerous.

Do the real reseach- dont listen to people here, who generally arent well informed. (Only one person mentioned this...)

+1 when I moved to PA from FL I also had the Bridgestones on,and the first little storm we had let me tell was a scary experience! No grip what so ever coming to a stop while doing 25MPH was almost impossible.
U are definitely better of renting a car the day.
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