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Originally Posted by Griffoun View Post
I'm cancelling Dish just because what this guy has cost me...

I don't think DISH can buy CLWR at all with $3.3 which doesn't look sincere to begin with, and that also proves to Crest Financial that CLWR doesn't worth what they think should be.

Will see if S can recover today and back in the green today.
DISH totally ruined the party (which is exactly what it wanted to, mission accomplished).

Originally Posted by GeneArch View Post
I agree, I'll wait until the latest earnings before I make a buy.

Long term, they aren't too viable but a quick profit opportunity may be available.

Your thoughts on when to buy? I'm thinking 11-12'ish
If you really want to wait till <$12, that means the current up-trend would be over, and you'd better hope it didn't drop below $11 which is about where the current 50MA is.

Again I don't think the up-coming earning call will have much impact to the share price.

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