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Originally Posted by SlickAsCanBe View Post
My right taillight burned out and my iDrive popped up with a warning intermittently. I believe it was a right taillamp malfunction or something of that nature, so Kat is definitely right that something should pop up if it's burned!

Nice photos by the way!
Thank you! As of today, I have the verdict: what's burned out is my "roadside parking lamp/tail lamp" according to the Owner's Manual, labeled lamp #2 in the diagram. "If one of the bulbs 2, 5 or 6 malfunctions, please contact your BMW center or a workshop that works according to BMW repair procedures with correspondingly trained personnel," is what it says underneath as well. I delved into it a bit, thinking maybe I could fix it myself and did some troubleshooting, and all of my other lights work fine, it was mostly the brake light and turn signal that I was worried about, so that's a relief that they're in good shape. On the other hand, that "roadside parking lamp" looks like a royal pain in the ass to remove from what I saw when I took the cover in the cargo bay off to look at it, and the part is going to have to be ordered as it is not a standard bulb that the dealership carries (checked Autozone as well just in case). Anyway, that concludes my tail light fiasco for now, until I can get it looked at tomorrow and *hopefully* fixed by the end of the week!

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